GraphViz on SLES 11(s390 arch) does not find pangocairo

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I have a SLES 11(SP1) server that I am trying to install graphviz 2.28 on.  Unfortunately that is not a comman combination, so I can't just use an RPM to install it, I have to build it from source.  When doing so, when I configure it, I can't get it to recognize that pangocairo is actually installed:
I've been using:
 ./configure --with-extralibdir=/usr/lib64 --with-expatlibdir=/usr/lib64 --with-pangocairo=yes

But in the results of that command I am getting:
  pangocairo:    No (pangocairo library not available)

# rpm -qa | grep -i cairo
# rpm -qa | grep -i pango

I also did:

No affect though
Has anyone built graphviz for this architecture, or run into this issue?  Any help would be appreciated.

Missing headers

Usually you need the headers of a library to build against this library. Try to install packages like pango-devel-32bit and cairo-devel-32bit.

build does not find pangocairo?

Did you read config.log and see where it went astray?




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You probably also need the "developer" rpms. 
Look for pango-devel and cairo-devel rpm's.

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