Graphviz into semantic wiki

Sorry but to find Graphviz brilliant tool.
My idea is to put Graphviz into a semantic wiki in order to genrate UML diagrams automatically, but i don't know how to connect Graphviz into a semantic wiki. Really a beginner.
I will really appreciate it if anyone can give me any advise or help.
Many thanks.

Investigate Semantic Results Format

Try looking at Semantic Results Format. Its graph format and process format use GraphViz.


I don't know enough to say whether this will help you with UML digrams, but it will probably help you display semantic wiki content in GraphViz format.



Thank you very much!

As my main problem is the SMW offcial website has been always under maintainess, so I've only got a Linux server version, I really don't get how to integrate graphviz into Semantic MediaWiki.

wiki call gv

My graphviz folder different place with my wiki... I've install like other local application.

my wiki call graphviz >>>> declare in LocalSettings.php like this :
include("extensions/graphviz/graphviz.php"); >>>> get extension
$wgGraphVizSettings->dotCommand = "....\\Graphviz\\bin\\dot.exe"; >>>>>> get dot.exe where folder it's has been installed.

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