Graphviz Sample Scripts

Registered users are encouraged to contribute scripts that might be of interest to the general community.
Follow these steps to contribute your scripts:

  1. Navigate to Forums and select 'Graphviz Showcase'
  2. Select the 'Post new Forum topic' link
  3. Enter a  topic subject
  4. The forum being added to is preselected
  5. Optionally select predefined terms appropriate to the topic
  6. Optionally add words appropriate to the topic in the tags section
  7. Enter the topic content into the Body text field
  8. Be sure to enclose the script between [ graphviz ] and [ /graphviz ] tags
  9. Expand the 'Input Format' section and select graphviz
  10. If your contribution is an image file, attach the file to the topic page

File type must be jpg, jpeg, gif, png, txt, pdf, doc or odt. File size is limited to 1 MB.
Complete the word verifcation and save the topic.
Here is a sample graph. The body text field contains the following:
digraph G {
subgraph cluster_small {
a -> b; label=small;
subgraph cluster_big {
p -> q -> r -> s -> t;
t -> p;
t -> a; b -> q;

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