graphViz in php

I have a huge database to display in graph representation. I need to draw graphs dynamically in php. I have been googling for possible ready solutions for graph layout  creating. Found that graphviz would be nice to use.
But I cannot find anywhere some tutorial for beginners how to start using it in php.
I have installed GraphViz, but nothing works. I dont want to use commandline for programming. I cannot implement it in php files.
No step-by-step userguid in the internet.
Someone help me please!!

Re: graphViz in php

You don't say what OS you are using?
On Rehat RHEL, Centos, Fedora, you should just need:
    yum install graphviz-php
then you should be able to:
     man 3php gv
and see a demo script in:
There are php bindings to graphviz from others too, e.g.

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