Graphviz no work in mac os x Lion

a try to lanch graphviz on my new system : mac os x Lion. Unfortunately the application can't run : "L’application ne peut s’ouvrir car les applications PowerPC ne sont plus prises en charge." -> The application can't be open because the PowerPC application are not runnable.

Graphviz no work in mac os x

We do have a Lion machine now (binary packages are available in However, we found it next to impossible to create a universal binary due to the interactions with the necessary additional libraries. We had to give up, so Mac packages will now only contain i386 code.
If you need a PowerPC version, this is available via macports.

Graphviz no work in mac os x

At present, we don't provide a version of Graphviz for Lion, mainly because we don't have a machine running it yet.

Graphviz & Mac Lion

I am also running Lion and using Graphviz  2.28.0.
I dont have had any problem after the switch from Snow Leopard. 
I dont remember any comment from Lion concerning Graphviz.
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