Graphviz links within Record nodes


I am pretty new to Graphviz and am looking for a way to add links to the contents of record nodes - for example, a link from Mobile Services in the example below. Is this possible, or is there another way to accomplish the same thing?

digraph features {

node [shape=record];

corp1 [style=filled fillcolor=grey URL="" label=
"{ OUR BUSINESS SERVICES | Service A | Service B | Service C }"];
details [style=filled fillcolor=beige label=
"{ SERVICE A DETAILS | Workstation Services | Mobile Services | Teleconference Services }"];

corp1 -> details;

If you are satisfied with a

If you are satisfied with a single URL for the whole node, the example you provide works. Of course, the output will have to be either SVG or a bitmap with an associated image map. (See for more details.)

It is not possible to provide separate URLs for the fields of a record node. We decided that, rather than extend the ad hoc record node syntax to support a list of new features, we should generalize its features to labels and use a familiar (if verbose) HTML-like syntax. Your example would become

digraph features {

corp2 [shape=none
  label=<<TABLE bgcolor="grey" cellspacing="0" border="0" cellborder="1">
         <TR><TD href="">OUR BUSINESS SERVICES</TD></TR>
         <TR><TD>Service A</TD></TR>
         <TR><TD>Service B</TD></TR>
         <TR><TD>Service C</TD></TR>
        </TABLE>> ]

details2 [shape=none
  label=<<TABLE bgcolor="beige" cellspacing="0" border="0" cellborder="1">
         <TR><TD>Workstation Services</TD></TR>
         <TR><TD>Mobile Services</TD></TR>
         <TR><TD>Teleconference Services</TD></TR>
        </TABLE>> ]
corp2 -> details2

For more details on HTML-like labels, see

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