Graphviz as a library using dot layout: setting nodesep and/or mindist does not seem to have any effect


I am attempting to use Graphviz as a library with dot layout. My
development platform is Visual Studio 2008. The layouts
produced by default are too dense for my application, so I have
been trying to increase node distances by setting graph attributes:

agraphattr(myGraph, "nodesep", "2.0")
agraphattr(myGraph, "mindist", "2.0")

The problem that I have consists of these two settings not having any
discernible effect on the graphs produced. I have tried to vary things,
for example, setting the attributes before or after all the nodes and
edges have been created. The layouts I get always look entirely
the same.

So, what do I have to do to increase node distances?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
Michael B.

Graphviz as a library using

What does your program look like? The statement

agraphattr(myGraph, "nodesep", "2.0");

works fine for me. On the other hand, the mindist attribute only works with circo.

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