Graphviz install on cygwin

Hello all,

I've downloaded the MSI file on windows and installed it on Windows 7.
After that, I've also downloaded the cygwin ports and follow all the steps.
Unfortunately, the installation failed on the ./configure step.

Could you tell me if the latest version of graphviz works with cygwin ?
Can you give me some clues in order to fix my installation and to be able to instantiate the Graphviz packet from perl script.

By advance.
Thanks for your help.

Re: Graphviz install on cygwin

Greetings. I'm really sorry, but we've never worked on this. We've tried to make sure that Graphviz will build under Microsoft Visual Studio, and can be packaged and installed to run on native Windows systems, but we're not able to support this as well as we would like and the support may disappear entirely.

It possible that Graphviz may build under MINGW (someone else has this working in Appveyor, but so far without some of the key packages like CairoPango and GTK+ that would be needed to enable all the recent tools and features). 

It's a volunteer effort, so if you can figure out what needs to be done and send patches that don't break the other builds, we can look into putting them back into the main branch.

Stephen North


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