Graphviz how to open it.

hi, I installed Graphviz2.38.msi file in windows 8.1

It is installed in C:/programfiles/

But I cant open the Graphviz software.

I want to open a .dot file in graphviz. Please guide on how to open Graphviz software. where is the .exe or any shortcut for it.

If you installed Graphviz

If you installed Graphviz using the .msi file, you should have a item labeled gvedit.exe in the program shortcuts lists. Or under the All Programs menu, you should have a Graphviz 2.38 item, which will have gvedit.exe as a subitem. Starting that brings up a simple GUI for interacting with the Graphviz programs. Or you can open a dos shell, add C:\Graphviz2.38\bin to your PATH and use the command line interface.

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