Graphviz graphs in a Django web application


I am fairly new to Graphviz and was wondering if someone could help me out/ point me somewhere.

I've been trying to integrate Graphviz into my Django web application using python. I was able to do so by creating static images using pydot and then outputting them onto the application. However, I would like to make my graphs more interactive (click-able nodes, highlighting of nearby nodes, being able to drag and drop a node etc).

An example of what I want from Graphviz is done in JUNG here:

Any help would be really appreciated.


Graphviz graphs in a Django

 I'm also interested in making clickable graphs using graphviz

Dynamic, interactive graph visualisation

I just saw your post from three months ago an I just wonder if you've succeded to make any progress. I too need similar think that you needed and I'm searching for solutions.

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