Graphical Tool To Create and Edit a Decision Tree

I'm in need for an application where the end users can themselves make a decision tree based rule engine, and later view it/edit it. The rule generated should be stored in an XML file/database. The conditions can be Yes/No questions or numeric or text comparison operators. There would be a toolbar from which the user can drag in tree nodes to the canvas, select from various condition types and drag from one node to another to link the nodes and set the conditions there. The created rules would then be used in some other modules.
I prefer to have it in web, but if not possible, I can manage it a desktop too. Will any of the Graphviz tools be useful for me?
Thanks in advance..

You can specify the current

You can specify the current view of the tree as an abstract graph and then use dot to do the layout for you. You could then use the information from dot's output to handle the drawing on the canvas yourself. It is also possible to use dot to render to a bitmap or svg, but that probably won't give you enough control over user interactions.

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