Graph.dll is missing


I used Graphviz 2.28 on Windows 7. I recently changed my computer and wanted to install the latest version of Graphviz (2.30)
But the graph.dll is missing. Has it been renamed?


Try copying cgraph.dll and

Try copying cgraph.dll and rename it to graph.dll, it worked for me. The API of the new and old version appeares to be similar.

graphviz is not instaliing

hi  i hve the graphviz version2.30.1 and how i instaaled it.i am facing the dot eroor..and tell me about how i set the path and whee i have to place the graphviz folder


If you did an msi install,

If you did an msi install, the PATH should be set in your environment and, by default, the folder should be C:\Program Files.

What dot error are you getting?

dot eror

the eror display via dilog box and eror has occured because owlviz could not find the dot applicatiopn ..owlvix requried the instaal the graphviz and .then path to the dot application"

plz tell me about the link where i can download the graphviz and how i instaal it ..i m confused which file i hve to download

Downloads of Graphviz (source

Downloads of Graphviz (source or binaries) can be found at

WIth 2.30, we switched to a

WIth 2.30, we switched to a new graph library called cgraph, so look for cgraph.dll. In semantics, the new library is very similar to the old graph library, but the API is a little different.

Actually, there is a graph.h

Actually, there is a graph.h and a graph.lib but no graph.dll.

And I check  all .dll and none seems to have functions of graph.h

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