graph is not properly displayed using fdp

Attached graph can't be properly display using fdp from Graphviz 2.38 or 2.39 under Mac OS Lion. However, it is shown properly with Graphviz 2.26 under Mac OS Leopard. It can also be shown correctly with Graphviz 2.26 and 2.38 under Windows. Thanks for the help.

fdpgraph.txt818 bytes
fdp2.38Lion.png52.24 KB

Updated with incorrect displayed graph

I have attached the incorrect displayed graph, fdp2.38Lion.png, from fdp in the original post. Thanks in advance for the help. jhm

Where did you get your 2.38

Where did you get your 2.38 and 2.39 versions? Can you post the output?

When I run fdp on your graph on Maverick, it looks okay.

Output graph from Graphviz 2.38 fdp on Mac OS Lion

I have added the output from fdp in the original post. Thanks

Graphviz 2.38 and 2.39

Thanks for the reply. I got my Graphviz 2.38 and 2.39 for Mac OS Lion from I will post the output shortly.


I ran 2.38 fdp from

I ran 2.38 fdp from on a machine running Lion and the output on your file was fine. Looking at the output, the edge clipping to the cluster boundaries is not happening.  At some point, I can try to reason this out, but without being able to replicate the problem, it won't be easy.

Follow up on your 2.38 fop post

Dear ERG:  Thank u for all your repsosnes on this fdp issue. Can you email the grpah your created using 2.38? We'll see if it is what we expected. We like grpahviz very much -  it had worked well for us (JHM and JS) in the past until having problems with graphviz on my new MacAir laptop.  Our system adminsitrator is also helping me to look into this. It now looks like a  version issue - if so, we  just need to get a working version  for the MacAir.  Here is a summary of my attempts:

1. On my mac desktop (2X2.66 Ghz Dual core intel Xeon running OS X 10.7.5), the graphviz installed from macports is version 2.30, which produced the graph Hgraph2.30.1.png, almost the  correct one. On my MacAir laptop  (1.8 GHz Intel core i5,  running the same OS X 10.7.5) the graphviz from macports is version 2.28, which produced a bad  output same as fdp2.38Lion.png posted by  JMS on 10/1/2014.  Here is the version indication we see:

***mac 566% sudo port list | grep graphviz

graphviz                       @2.30.1         graphics/graphviz


*** air 56% sudo port list | grep graphviz

graphviz                       @2.28.0         graphics/graphviz


2. On my MacAir laptop, I also tried to install the Lion version 2.38, the developmental version 2.39 (as well as some earlier versions) as a standard Mac install. However,  the little graphviz application  logo seems to indicate ONLY version 2.39 reguarless which verison I installed and this app  does not allow one to  select different engins, fdp or neato etc - thus we do not what its fdp plot would look like. See  an  illustration file graphviz-illus.doc  here or sent through by email to you. 

In summary, could you help us to find a work around for MarAir?

Thank you very much


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