Getting a map

Just started working with graphviz today and managed to get a graph of an SQL database tables showing their key relationships.

However, I'm trying to create a map file as well as the graph. Here's the command I'm issuing to do this:

/usr/local/bin/dot -Tpng -o/sqlagraph.gif -Tcmapx

The file is created but only has the and with nothing between them. I've also tried several other map formats with no luck. I've also tried two separate runs of dot to create the graph and the map separately but no luck.

This is all running under OSX 10.10.

Also, here's a condensed version of the input dot file. The complete version has more nodes but they're all in exactly the same format as below

digraph sqldb {
node [shape=box, color=grey, style=filled];

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?


Nothing is put into the map

Nothing is put into the map unless you attach actions to nodes or edges. Actions can be href attributes or tooltips. For example,

    a [href=""]
    b [tooltip="I'm b"]


Map issue solved

Thanks, that's solved it.

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