Generate a layout of connected rooms (like in a building)


Is there a way for graphviz to generate a layout of connected rooms like in a building?

The connectivity of the rooms would be defined in the same way as the connectivity of nodes in a graph is defined now.

Rooms could optionally have a quality of being small, medium or large in size.

Graphviz would generate nodes as rectangles, bordering each other, with doorways placed as connectivity between the rooms.

I found a paper online here, which describes the sort of thing I'm interested in

but goes further and describes generating a 3D model, whilst I'm just looking for a 2D floorplan.

Is this possible?

Nick Lawrence

Re: Generate a layout of connected rooms (like in a building)

We appreciate your interest in Graphviz. That's a very interesting paper. Unfortunately Graphviz is not capable of making those layouts, and doesn't look like a good match either. It looks like more powerful constraint solvers are required.
Stephen North


How about a graph where the

How about a graph where the nodes are rectangles, and the connectin lines are composed of straight segments?

That is, the lines run only on the horizontal or vertical, and turn the corner at a ninety-degree angle?

In the gallery, I can see nodes that are rectangles, but all the connecting lines I see are either curved or on a diagonal.


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