General approach for using graphviz in C#-Project?

Hello everbody,

I'll use GraphViz (dot) in my C#-Project. Actually, I'm already using dot as command-line application. Now, I'll include dot in my project, so I don't need to _install_ GraphViz on the target PC. In my opinion, possible purposes are to create a wrapper class or connect graphviz dll as a COM-object. It is possible? Do dot exists as dll-file?

Which is the best possibility to use dot in C# (excepting command-line call to installed dot application)?

Thank you for all kind of information.

Kind regards.

By default, dot is basically

By default, dot is basically the dynamic library gvc.dll and a bunch of plugins that do the actual layout and renderings. The dot program itself is just a few lines of code that reads in the graphs one at at time, and calls the layout and rendering algorithm for each. This interface is described in the library manual

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