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I am running FreeCad vs. 14 on windows 8 and when I try to establish the path to Graphviz it states it is not found on system. I am using the path c:Programfiles (86)/graphiz2.38//include/graphiz and then I select folder and I receive Graphiz not found error message. Do you want to specify it's installation path if it's already installed? Click yes and select the path again and the error window pops up again. Any suggestions on how to fix this please.. Thanks.I

You would be better off

You would be better off contacting someone involved with FreeCad, as how it connects with Graphviz is determined by them.

How does FreeCad use Graphviz? If it uses Graphviz as a library, the path to include/graphviz is correct, but if it just calls a layout program, the path should be the bin directory.

I also assume you dropped some spaces and slashes from the prefix c:Programfiles (86)/graphiz2.38/

...actually it is in graphviz...

  1. find the "bin"-directory of "Graphviz" and note down the path (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin")
  2. edit "Settings.ini" in that directory, using some editor which preserves the unix-style line-ends (e.g. use Notepad++)
  3. change the entry for "binPath" to the path from Step 1
  4. save "Settings.ini" (if you have problems with that: save the file to some place to which the saving works - e.g. the Windows Desktop; then copy or move the file to replace it in the "bin"-directoy). 

This made FreeCAD "Dependency graph" work for me (after I have set the path in FreeCAD as found in Step 1).

Rgds, acq

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