force arrangement to side ratio

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how do I achieve, that seperatet trees are plottet space saving. I have about 8 "main" nodes at the first level (with various subnodes), which have no connections among each other. The resulting graph has the dimension 23367x3792 pixel. Is it possible the arrange the trees, that they fit better in a normal DIN side ratio? The size is secondary, I´m able to plot up to a size DIN-A0. But i would look much better, if the whole area is filled (paper consumption!).

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force arrangement to side

To rearrange the positioning of the various connected components, you can split the graph apart, draw each graph by itself, recombine them into a single drawing using various positionings, and then actually render the drawing. This can be done as a single pipeline:
  ccomps -x yourgraph.gv | dot | gvpack | neato -n2 -Tpng > yourgraph.png
By default, gvpack will arrange the graphs to approximate an aspect ratio of 1. You can use the -array option to specify an array placement of the components. This is explained in the gvpack man page. Obviously, you can pick a different output format.

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