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Hey, trying to specify a font weight. Specifically, trying to get Helvetica Neue Light. I can get Helvetica Neue just fine, but various attempts to specify the font weight have failed:

"a" [ fontname = "Helvetica Neue:Light" ];
"b" [ fontname = "Helvetica Neue:weight=light" ];
"d" [ fontname = "Helvetica Neue light" ];
"e" [ fontname = "Helvetica Neue:light" ];
"f" [ fontname = "Helvetica Neue:style=light" ];
"g" [ fontname = "Helvetica Neue:style=Light" ];
"h" [ fontname = "Helvetica Neue:weight=50" ];
"aa" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:Light" ];
"ab" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:weight=light" ];
"ac" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:light" ];
"ad" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:style=light" ];
"ae" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:style=Light" ];
"af" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:weight=50" ];

I've read through the fontconfig info to come up with some of these permutations, but all of these spit out a serif font when without the extra decorations, it gives the correct font.

Any suggestions?

The problem is that, in a

The problem is that, in a typical installation, Pango is used as the principal font library (even though it may itself use fontconfig), so you need to use the syntax expected by Pango. In this case, you want to try fontname="Helvetica Neue light".

See and Pango documentation (e.g., for more information.

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