I'm trying to make a layout larger. How?

There are various ways to increase the size of a layout. In doing this, one has to decide if the sizes of the nodes and text should be increased as well.

One approach is to adjust individual parameters such as fontsize, nodesep and ranksep. For example,

  • digraph G {
    • graph [fontsize=24]
      edge [fontsize=24]
      node [fontsize=24]
      ranksep = 1.5
      nodesep = .25
      edge [style="setlinewidth(3)"]
      a -> b -> c


If you do this, make sure you are not fighting a conflicting graph size setting, like size="6,6", which will then scale everything back down.

If you are using fdp or neato, increasing the edge len will tend to expand the layout.

  • graph G {
    • edge [len=3]
      a -- { b c d }


For twopi and circo, there are other parameters such as ranksep which can be used. See the graph attributes.

You can also use the ratio attribute. If you set the size attribute to the desired drawing size, and then set ratio=fill, node positions are scaled separately in x and y until the drawing fills the specified size. Note that node sizes stay the same. If, instead, you set ratio=expand, the layout is uniformly scaled up in x and y until at least one dimension fits size.

If you specify the size attribute but end it with an exclamation mark (!), the final drawing will be scaled up uniformly in x and y until at least one dimension fits size. Note that everything is scaled up, including text and node sizes.

If you're using Postscript, you can just scale up the output by manually adding a command such as 2 2 scale where the Postscript environment is set up. Make sure to adjust the BoundingBox too if your tools look at this header.

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