How do I post a comment?
If adding a comment to a forum topic, select the "Add new comment" link appearing
below the topic content and above any existing comments.  This will display the
'Post new comment' form.  Wiki pages display the form automatically.

You may include a subject line for your comment. There are editing tools available that
allow you to paste content; add html links; add images; add tables and more. If you prefer,
you can switch to a plain text editor and type or paste your comment content. The default
input format is wiki. This allows you to include a limited set of html tags.  Web page
addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

You may include graphviz output within your comment. In this case you must enclose your
comment content between [graphviz] and [/graphviz].  Be sure to switch to the plain text
editor by selecting the link directly below the comment window. You must also change the
input format to graphviz.  You are given the option of not sending notifications to users
who have subscribed to the forum topic.  Word verification is required before the comment
can be submitted for review.  After review and approval, your comment will appear under
the forum topic or wiki content.

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