Extending xlib (AKA x11) "lang"?

I have just discovered for myself the xlib output "language" dot supports. It is actually very nice because of its performance if used e.g. with http://github.com/esc/git-big-picture to visualize hairy and lengthy git development trees.

But its keybindings / mouse shortcuts are quite limited (closer to rudimentary) -- could someone point to the list of supported ones?

I wonder if it is feasible for it to be extended with a callback command which would be ran provided selected node/edge information...?

Thank you in advance!

x11 event bindings

The low level event handling is in:   plugin/xlib/gvdevice_xlib.c

The high level callbacks, intended to be common to all renderers, is in:  lib/gvc/gvevent.c

Currently supported operations/events are:

     Pan, Zoom, Enter/Leave, Select, and file-event

Enter/Leave and Select are mapped from x/y to graph-objects.

The events are available to various languages through the SWIG language bindings  (tclpkg/gv/) .  My expectation was that higher level behaviors would be provided by applications that used these bindings, so as to reuse the low-level complexities of mapping from screen events back to graph objects.

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