Error with Using Graphviz2.38 As a Library In VS2010 On c++,Message:layout type "dot" not recognized


I'm a newbie with Graphviz,I use the newest version 2.38 as a library in VS2010 c++ project,and I came with a Problem

My Project type is Win32 console application,OS type WinXP

Setting is Debug Mode,Include the right path both header files and libs described in the libguide.pdf

include cgraph.h and gvc.h

I run the demo code like this:

Agraph_t *g;


File *fp = fopen("e:\\","r");

g = agread(fp,0);



But it doesn't work and reports that :layout type "dot" not recognized

I also tried to use agmemread, also came with the same message.

Others attempts like:

use gvcLayout(gvc,g,"neato"); reports layout type "neato" not recognized

I tried to find some functions to help me to Set the LayOut Engine Infomation Before calling the gvLayOut function ,But did't Find it.

and,I tried other functions like,gvParseArgs(gvc,argc,argv),and gvLayOutJob,gvRenderJob,But Problem still Exists.

I want to know that doesn't gvLayOut have a defalut LayOut Engine Option?Where can I Set the LayOut Engine Information?

I tried all demo code ,but none of them works under my computer.

There is same question in StackOverFlow,but it seems that no one knows how to solve it.

Graphviz uses a pre-computed

Graphviz uses a pre-computed file called config6 to determine what layout and output types are available. It looks for this file in the same directory containing gvc.dll, which is usually the bin directory where all of the Graphviz .exe and .dll files are stored. Please check in that directory to see if the config6 file exists. If not, you can create it by running dot -c or finding it in the Graphviz Windows package.

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