Error: no dependency info found for 'package' problem




I want to make debtree with some packages, so I use 'graphviz-2.38' with .dot file I extracted from packages.

In first time, I succeeded getting debtree, but now, I can get just empty .dot file.

I typed commands as below.


$ sudo touch

$ sudo chmod 777

$ dot -T png -o test.png

$ debtree --show-all @[email protected] >


some packages work well, but most of them are not.


If there is anyone who know how to fix this, just let me know with reply or mail.([email protected])

I really hope I can get some info from somebody.







Re: Error: no dependency info found for 'package' problem

Well, yes, the above sequence of commands  would run dot on an empty

I don't understand why you are using sudo for anything here?


     $ debtree --show-all @[email protected] >

     $ dot -T png -o test.png

(I assume you are replacing @[email protected] with something? )





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