Embed a image on the web

I wanted to add an image that resides in the web to a node, but when I try to create my svg image dot says that:
Warning: Invalid argument while opening https://www.google.it/images/srpr/logo4w.png
Warning: No or improper image="https://www.google.it/images/srpr/logo4w.png" for node "imgnode"

This is my dot source file:
digraph G {
imgnode[image="https://www.google.it/images/srpr/logo4w.png", label=""];
imgnode2[image="D:\temp\out.gif", label=""];

The imgnode2 display the image correctly.

I'm behind a proxy, is it possible that this is the problem?
Can't i tell Graphviz to don't check the image?

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