Education and learning

Hello. I have installed graphviz on my pc, it works well. But there are no help topics and I would like to learn the dot language. Could anybody point out a good resource book I could learn from. Many thanks. Gerard.

Font weights

Hey, trying to specify a font weight. Specifically, trying to get Helvetica Neue Light. I can get Helvetica Neue just fine, but various attempts to specify the font weight have failed:

    "ad" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:style=light" ];  
    "ae" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:style=Light" ];  
    "af" [ fontname = "HelveticaNeue:weight=50" ]; 

I've read through the fontconfig info to come up with some of these permutations, but all of these spit out a serif font when without the extra decorations, it gives the correct font.

Any suggestions?


Not exactly a book, but the

Not exactly a book, but the various user's guides at, especially the one for the dot layout and neato should help. The language is specified at but that is somewhat dry. You might take a look at the Gallery pages If you click on a particular drawing, then click again on that drawing, you'll see the way the graph was described using the dot language.

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