Edges too close to each other even after having node width and height proportional to edge co


I am trying to create a graph which has 12-14 nodes and lots of edges. Since the number of incoming and outgoing edges are a lot for each node, I decide the height and width of the node based on the total number of edges (incoming or outgoing for the edge). The nodes are created properly but the edges get concentrated in one area even though there is a lot of space on the node for them to occupy. I don't know how can I change this behavior so that the edges get distributed properly or atleast get created at a distance from each other.

My graph has following attributes:-

graph = AGraph(strict = False, directed = True, overlap = "scale", splines="ortho", nodesep="1", rankdir = "LR")

I don't create the nodes separately and let them get created by the add_edge code.

graph.add_edge(source,destination,key=key_str,dir='both', headlabel=remote_port, taillabel=local_port, style='bold',color='blue', minlen=5)

I am not sure what should I do or what attribute should I use to make the edges not get so close to each other.

I have also tried to use invisible edges but that doesn't work too somehow. The edges still get very close and it feels as if invisible edges are making no difference at all.

Could you post an example?

Could you post an example? Thanks.




Here's the link to my graph :-



In the graph most of the lines have come fine but the incoming edges towards one of the nodes, "cdbu-sol-vcf-5100-48s-06" have got too close to each other, even though there is so much space in the node.



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