Edges connect not symmetric with spline type "ortho"

In the attached example for dot I use "splines=ortho". The highest node with the number 0001 has several edges connected. On the right side they are distributed on the whole length of the rectangular node. On the left side all edges are clumped in the lower part of the side. Other nodes (for example 0135 in the lower part) look perfectly symmetric, als I would like all nodes to be. What is the reason for this different behaviour? Is there any way to influence it?

v_graph.txt23.65 KB

Edges connect not symmetric

The space is split into rectangles based on all node boundaries, including invisible nodes with no edges, like L1. Thus, all of those edges on the left of 0001 use the thinner channel. As a workaround, you can give the L* nodes the same label, hence the same height, as the nodes they are on the same rank with. Thus, L1 and V1 would have the same label, etc. Or just set the height attribute for the L* nodes large enough.
Alternatively and, to my mind, a nicer solution, position the nodes, strip out the L* nodes, and then route the edges and render:
  dot -Gsplines=none v_graph.txt | gvpr -c 'N[$.name=="L*"]{delete($G,$)}' | neato -n -Tpdf -Gsplines=ortho >  out.pdf
This also removes the extra white space due to the invisible scaffolding.

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