Edges being drawn too close

I have a graph (rankdir = LR;) of about 4 nodes but with approximately 75 edges. Each edge has an invisible dummy node splitting it in half so that I can label each half of the edge.

The problem I have is that the edges are all getting drawn together very tightly whilst the labels get spread out vertically. I have scoured the forums looking for some solution to this but so far not found a solution. It becomes quickly unreadable or at least very difficult to know which labels refer to which edge. I have done this with nodes instead of edges and it worked great however our requirements for the project do not allow this and it must be done with edges.

Is there a way to make sure that the edge labels are drawn touching the edge and that the next edge is drawn after leaving enough space for the next label?

I have tried using both ranking and subgraph clusters to try and divide it all up but to no avail..



very difficult to know which labels refer to which edge

Have you tried start your graph with:


It is probably not what you are looking for but at least you will get a line connecting lable and edge line

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