an edge between two table cells


I recently started drawing graphs with dot and currently have an issue with edges between table cells. In the attached graph you see a html-label implementing a table with four cells. Now, cells should be connected using an edge, like the red edge. What I currently get is the black one. Is this by design (because of self-referencing node) or is there a way to achieve the red edge?

The original reason to use html-label is the need of a drawing nodes table-like. Is there a different approach, not using html-labels?

Thank you in advance!

cell_edge.png8.93 KB

Actually, yes, that is a

Actually, yes, that is a feature. Technically, the edge is a loop from a node to itself, and most users don't want the edge going through the node. I'll check is there is a way to circumvent this for tables in HTML-like labels, but you can also consider using four real nodes within a cluster. You will need to use rank information and invisible edge to maintain the array, and the spacing will not be as tight. It is possible to mix layout algorithms (dot versus arrays) but it requires some effort.

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