Dynamic graph generation for a website

Is there some tutorial how to install/configure/use Graphviz for dynamic generation of graphs in a webpage?




I have been using webdot.pl on Apache, run on Ubuntu and it is working fine.

My colleague also used it on Apache on Mac, and it worked well.

BUT, recently when we installed it on MAC, it did not show the graph.

To debug, we ran it on command line as below:

./webdot.pl http://localhost/lexer10.dot.dot.jpg > a.jpg

with the file lexer10.dot placed in /Library/WebServer/Document


And the contents of a.jpg are:


http://localhost/lexer10.dothttp://localhost/lexer10.dotContent-type: text/plain;

Content-length: 140

Pragma: no-cache


Server encounter error: Could not find HTTP::Response=HASH(0x7ff3b914c000) LWP::UserAgent=HASH(0x7ff3b90aea78) http://localhost/lexer10.dot


We checked the path for LWP.pm as well as LWP. Both the paths are correct.


Will anybody tell me what is going wrong?



Amba Kulkarni


You basically need to have

You basically need to have access to some web server that can take your graph and return the desired image. Webdot (http://www.graphviz.org/webdot/index.html) implements such a server but you would need to actually run the server. Also check out http://oodavid.com/2013/04/12/gviz-mister-embeddable-graphviz-charts.html.

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