DOT/record: Border settings around the picture


are there any border settings for the picture? E. g. I want remove any (white) border, or set a certain value in pixels (ideally independent values for top, right, bottom and left).

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Re; DOT/record: Border settings around the picture

If It sounds as if you want a background with a gradient fill.  

As far as I know, this is not something you can do in Graphviz, though if we handed the background consistent as a "shape" the needed primtives are already there.

You could do this in a tool like imagemagick. For example you could generate the background, then overlay the diagram on the background using another command.

This assumes you're comfortable wth using command line tools for image generation.

Stephen North

 What do you mean by "border

 What do you mean by "border settings of the picture"? The whole graph layout? If so, then, no. However, you can make your entire graph part of a cluster, which will create a border about the drawing, and the border width can be set, but it will be the same for all sides. If you want more control, the easiest approach is to post-process the drawing and add the desired border. This can be done automatically using Graphviz or some other toolset.

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