Hello Everyone,

I am upgrading my graphviz RPM's. I have dot version 1.18. And I want to upgrade my RPM to the latest one i.e dot graphviz version-2.30.1.

And '' has been removed from the latest version. And in the past I have used  '--cflags' , '--ldlags' command line arguments of the ''. Are these options still available with new RPM?





It's good to stay up to date. The current release is 2.38 and contains updates to fix security vulnerabilities. Please use the current release.



Recent releases of graphviz

Recent releases of graphviz use the pkg-config mechanism. e.g.

$ pkg-config libgvc --cflags

The .pc files are provided in graphviz-devel

$ rpm -ql graphviz-devel | grep 'pc$'

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