Dot.exe not running under windows 2003 server

I'm using Graphviz 2.28.0 and everything seemed to be working (I use dot.exe to get a PNG picture from text discription) on my test machine running Windows 2003. But when I tried to run the same dot.exe on other machine runnig Win 2003 I got an error like "The system cannot execute the specified program."
Any ideas why could that be?

Dot.exe also not running under windows XP 2002 prof SP3

I have exact the same problem (installation running on one machine but not on another) usign winXP 2002 prof SP3.
Both machines you can consider to be a mirror of each other (users, programs, security policy, ...) but they feature different hardware.
So has anybody an idea why on one machione everything works well, on another machine dot (and some other tools) are rejected?
What are the minimum hardware requirements of the dot-tool / graphviz package?
I used the graphviz-2.28.0.msi installer from the download area downloaded two or three weeks ago. My target folder for the installation (in both cases) has been "c:\programme\graphviz 2.28.0" - exactly as the installer proposed it.
Thanks in advance for hints or feedback.

Hi, Have you checked this

Have you checked this Topic already?

Hi, have you checked this

have you checked this Link already?
You need to have Visual C++ Redistributable package installed. (Maybe you have it on one machine already installed?!)

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