dot.exe crashes with this simple specification on windows


I have a dot specification that makes dot.exe crash under windows with last 2.37 build. I have simplified that specification to the simplest in order to ease the analyze. So here it is:

digraph g {

subgraph "cluster_12" {

11 -> 13
11 -> 18

13 -> 11 [sametail=1 label=<11>];
13 -> 18 [sametail=1 label=<18>];

What is very strange is that this specification works by is only suppressing:
- the use of cluster
- Or an edge definition
- Or the use of sametails
- Or edges labels

I don't figure out what is exactly the problem. Could someone give an advise, please ?

Thanks in advance.

This is a bug. As a

This is a bug. As a workaround, set


in the graph.

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