DOT/digraph, graph: Line junction at branch/alternative

A very first hello,

and many thanks for all your efforts programming and maintaining Graphviz!

I'm just starting with DOT. Is it possible to draw a line of an branch/alternative like in the attached picture?

Many thanks and greetings

Graphviz__DOT_Junction1a.png2.56 KB

Yes, but Graphviz doesn't

Yes, but Graphviz doesn't support this edge routing directly, so you need to do your own plumbing:


digraph {
  edge [arrowsize=0.5 dir=none]
  node [shape=box]
  {node[shape=point] d0 d1 }
  {node[shape=point width=0] x0 x1 x2 x3}
  {rank=same x0 -> d0 -> x1 }
  {rank=same x2 -> d1 -> x3 }
  The -> d0
  d1 -> is [dir=forward]
  x0 -> girl [dir=forward]
  girl -> x2
  x1 -> boy  [dir=forward]
  boy -> x3

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