DOT - is returned blank PDF

Hi! I have File size is 417 kb, and i wanna get data structure graph with clusters. If i use DOT - returns an blank PDF file. (may be too big input file size) FDP returns pdf output file, but without clusters. Thanks.

Thanks all.Add -Gsize

Thanks all.

Adding -Gsize helped!

Also, make sure to limit output size so it fits in a page

e.g.  dot -Tpdf -Gsize="7.5,7.5"    
or set "size" in the graph file.

Also, it is usually better to use sfdp for really large graphs.



I don't know what version of

I don't know what version of Graphviz you are using or the type of machine, but I have no trouble generating output via dot. Just to check, try running dot with -Gsize=10 -v. This will limit the size and may provide some warning messages.

The root problem is that the node "dm_sysobject" is contained in two non-comparable clusters "cluster_2" and "cluster_1".  dm_folder is also in multiple incomparable clusters. (If an edge is in a cluster, its endpoints are also in it.) Move these edges out of the clusters and try again.

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