dot provides error "Format: "pdf" not recognized. Use one of :"

dot provides error "Format: "pdf" not recognized. Use one of :"

I installed the product and I can't get a graph. I also couldn't find technical information on what I was doing wrong.

Figured out

I added a GVBINDIR to my environment variables, even though the documentation seemed to indicate that one was not needed.



What type of machine are you

What type of machine are you running on, and which version of Graphviz did you install? Did you build from source or download binaries?

Windows 7.  2.30.1 msi file.

Windows 7.  2.30.1 msi file.


I am on Windows 7.  I downloaded the MSI for 2.30.1.

It didn't appear that I had to set any configuration parameters in the documentation that I read, unless I was building it myself or manually moving the files.

Thanks for any assistance.  One of my co-workers downloaded the same as I did and his works.  He has also loaded several other graphics packages, where this is the only one that I loaded.


Indeed, you should be able to

Indeed, you should be able to install Graphviz using the .msi file and everything should be set up. (The Graphviz package provides all the needed 3rd party libraries.)

It is possible you are picking up some old dot. Try running dot -v on some file. This will show you the version number. In addition, the output will show you where the plugin configure file is being stored. (Normally, it will be c:\Program Files\Graphviz2.30\bin\config6.) This is the file that tells Graphviz what output formats are available. If everything is there, check the contents of config6. (It is just a text file.) It should contain lines like  pdf:cairo 10. If not, try running dot -c, which may require administrator rights. This should rebuild config6 with the plugins it can find. If none of these ideas work, let us know.

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