dot loops forever for my graph

The subsequent example sends dot seemingly into an endless loop. If I remove some parts, in particular the last edge, then it would work. Maybe, dot does not find space for the edge labels?

Some of the generated rank clauses make little sense but removing them does not solve the problem.


# This is the DDI diagram for looping_E19
# Graphviz code generated by [email protected] using ConceptBase 7.6.00 at 2013-10-23 12:16:21
# Process this file by Graphviz, e.g.
# dot -Tpng -o thisfile.png

digraph looping_E19 {

node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=cyan]; Article;
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=cyan]; myArticle001;

node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; "Deep Instantiation";
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; "Dual Deep Instantiation";
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; "Profonde Instanciation";
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; "Tiefe Instanziierung";
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; EnglishTerm;
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; FrenchTerm;
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; GermanTerm;
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; Term;

edge [splines=false];
"Deep Instantiation"->EnglishTerm [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
"Dual Deep Instantiation"->EnglishTerm [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
"Profonde Instanciation"->FrenchTerm [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
"Tiefe Instanziierung"->GermanTerm [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
EnglishTerm->Term [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
FrenchTerm->Term [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
GermanTerm->Term [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
myArticle001->Article [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];

edge [splines=true];
Article->Term [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(1,2)"];
myArticle001->"Tiefe Instanziierung" [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(0,0)"];
myArticle001->"Deep Instantiation" [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(0,0)"];
myArticle001->"Profonde Instanciation" [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(0,0)"];
myArticle001->"Dual Deep Instantiation" [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(0,0)"];

{rank=same; "Deep Instantiation" "Dual Deep Instantiation" "Profonde Instanciation" "Tiefe Instanziierung" myArticle001 }
{rank=same; Article EnglishTerm GermanTerm }
{rank=same; Term }
{rank=same; }


This is definitely a bug. I

This is definitely a bug. I don't get the looping but there is a corrupted edge as the warning indicates. If you need a workaround, use an xlabel rather than a label for the edge myArticle001->"Tiefe Instanziierung" or flip the edge myArticle001->"Deep Instantiation" into "Deep Instantiation"->myArticle001.

It would be appreciated if you submit this as a bug report at You can also submit the version numbers and system info there. Thanks.

What version of Graphviz are

What version of Graphviz are you using and on what type of machine? Thanks.

I use the following

I use the following version:

dot - graphviz version 2.26.3 (20100126.1600)

on Ubuntu 13.04:

Linux myon 3.11.0-12-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 9 16:20:46 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


The dot file was generated and is probbaly buggy. But the endless loop of dot should IMHO not occur.

Kind greetings: Manfred


As you note, whether the

As you note, whether the generated file is buggy or not, there should still be no looping. The looping is gone with more recent versions of graphviz, though there is still a small problem in edge routing.

Thanks! So it is mostly due

Thanks! So it is mostly due to the old version 2.26 of GraphViz that I use. Will try to upgrade.

Re: dot loops forever for my graph

Seems to mostly work for me on Fedora-20 with graphviz-2.35.20131023.0445-1.fc20.x86_64,  but I do see a warning message:

Warning: Unable to reclaim box space in spline routing for edge "myArticle001" -> "Deep Instantiation". Something is probably seriously wrong.


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