dot jpeg and mavericks


I just upgraded my mac book pro to mavericks and am using

dot - graphviz version 2.36.0 (20140111.2315)

and as a consequence, have come across the following issue.

dot -Tpng pla.xdot -o pla.png

produces the attached png.


dot -Tjpg pla.xdot -o pla.jpg

produces the attached jpg.

Is this a known issue?



P.S. I include the xdot as pla.txt, since I'm not allowed to upload "xdot" :-)

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It appears to be a problem

It appears to be a problem with quartz and jpeg. As a workaround, see if your build has a gd renderer: run "dot -Tjpg:". If so, use

dot -Tjpg:cairo:gd

I'll try to check into this more when I have easier access to a maverick machine. Meanwhile, I would appreciate it if you could file a bug report. Thanks.

Ok I'll file a bug report

Thanks Emden.   Sadly though the work around isn't possible:

dot -Tjpg:
Format: "jpg:" not recognized. Use one of: jpg:cairo:quartz jpg:quartz:quartz

Cheers, Ian.



Indeed 2.39 does fix it


This finally rang a bell. It

This finally rang a bell. It is a problem between cairo and quartz, over which we have no control. Fortunately, there was a workaround using quartz for both drawing and rendering. This will all be transparent to the user. Just install 2.39.

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