DOT Interfaced with Java

Hello, I'm relatively new to using GraphViz, and I've been trying to call dot in an outside program to create a graph, then present the created graph on a web server. I've been noticing while debugging the code that when I call dot with the following syntax in Java: Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime(); String[] args = {DOT_PATH, "-T" + DOT_OUT_TYPE, dotFile.getAbsolutePath(), "-o", img.getAbsolutePath()}; Process p = rt.exec(args); p.waitFor() where DOT_PATH is the path name to the dot file, the dot process is called and creates the graph, but doesn't send a reply signal to my Java code. (I'm running this program on Windows 7 64 bit) Running the same code on mac/linux systems doesn't have the same problem, so I'm just a bit curious if this is just a minor interface bug since the provided graphviz code is designed for 32 bit Windows. Thanks for reading.

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