"dot" with fixed node locations

Hi, I'm trying to use dot as the backend for an interactive dependency graph editor.
I'd like to allow the user to move nodes around manually, and then update the edges nicely. My thought was to let dot do 'initial' and 'automated' layouts, and have neato do 'pretty' edge routing when the user moves things around manually in the process of connecting them up (if you're putting 100 nodes in order, it's real disconcerting of everything moves around every time you add an edge).
Problem is, neato seems to handle clusters quite differently (i.e. not at all), and appears to not bother routing edges around nodes, preferring instead to cut straight through to the destination and ***n the consequences.
So the question is, how easy would it be have dot only route edges (as per neato's -n1 option)?

"dot" with fixed node

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