dot compatibility with Win7

I'm using GraphViz/dot by means of Doxygen for years now, but I sadly discovered severe compatibility issues (bugs?) with Windows 7 pro x64, that's my main working environment. I was using GraphViz version 2.26, and requesting Doxygen to add in some more graphs in a source files documentation, I ended up with the explorer crashing, and the whole system needing a restart with power button(!). Then I thought about updating, but surprise: the download page tells "Not safe to use on Windows 7!" I thought it was related to the installer, so I downloaded and installed it manually. On the first runs (yesterday) it all worked, I created my graphs and was quite happy of that. Today is a new day, and creating again (almost) the same graphs the system stopped with a BSOD! It's a few years I don't see a BSOD on my workstation, and that time was caused by a faulty hardware device driver (annoying, but understandable), but I have to understand how running dot can have the same catastrophic effect! I restarted my system, and run *again* Doxygen/dot with the *same* set of data: this time no BSOD, no hang-ups, all went smooth. With good caution I disabled part of the graphs from Doxygen with dot, since this is a production environment, and I need stability... I'm sorry I can't give more information on what happened, otherwise I'd have asked about filing a bug on this. Anyone with similar experiences and/or that can help? ~Lou

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