dot command - Error code 6 - where can I find the error codes meaning


I'm trying to generate a graph through pycallgraph.

But running that on a very large code file I get the following message (and no graph generated):

"dot failed with error code 6"

Where can I find the meaning of the "error code 6"?

Thanks for any help!


Being more specifc: The

Being more specifc:

The error is:

"dot -Tpng -opycallgraph.png /tmp/tmpvA5VXt" failed with error code 6.

We are usually pretty good

We are usually pretty good about printing an error message. Any chance you can grab the graph file /tmp/tmpvA5VXt and post it, or at least run dot by hand to see if there is an error message?

Hi, here's the

Hi, here's the file:

It was generated after a very long processing.

Runnin the command line returns the same error.

Thanks for any help!

I guess the problem is the file size... I don't know.




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