Does graphviz limit the number of colors in large clusters?

I have a .gv file that has hundreds of nodes clustered together using neato. I prefer to use neato because I do not know how to otherwise construct a cluster of nodes with edges connecting them at a specified distance in a free-form (non-horizontal or any other specified lay out pattern, ie, I just want an ordinary network). I can get all of the nodes to show, but for some clusters with a large number of nodes, they are all one color, when there should be more...When I reduce the number of nodes, it looks fine. I attempted to use the advice from this post: ....using dot -Ksfdp -Tps graph.gv to accomodate for a large # of nodes without success. Does graphviz have a maximum number of color specifications for large 'clusters' of nodes? Thanks in advance

I don't understand what you

I don't understand what you are describing. What do you mean by large clusters all being one color? How are the colors specified? Can you provide more detail or the input graph?


Initially I was specifying the color above each set of nodes, which colors all subsequent nodes similarly, but I suspect this  only works for small numbers of nodes.  I changed it to specifically color each individual node the same color at the bottom of the graphviz file, which then worked.  Perhaps I was doing it incorrectly initially. Sorry!

There should be no limit. It

There should be no limit. It would be helpful if you could post the file causing the problem, or file a bug report. That way we could determine if it really is a bug, or something needing better documentation. Thanks.

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