to-do list for 2.28

  1. Fix quartz text. It appears too low and the width is often incorrect. JCE suggests cairoquartz backend. DP to prototype. Done
  2. Check on basic fonts: Times, Helvetica, Courier, and why the interletter spacing is sometimes so poor. (Need +quartz variants in Macports cairo and pango.) (Do we see weird spacing in pure Linux?) Emden to finish some psfontname fixes. Done
    1. Changed mapping of Times-Roman to "Times" on non-Windows machines Done
    2. Add other changes to ps_fonts_equiv Done
  3. Finish first version of new web site (see web site todo list). DP to tell us when ready, soon. Done
  4. Guarantee id tags in maps are unique. EG to fix, already partially done. Done
  5. Add gmap. YH and EG. Done except to finish man page or other documentation
  6. Add tree map implementation. YH and EG. Done
  7. Make prism correspond to overlap=false. EG. Done
  8. Make ordering a node-based attribute (see this ). EG to apply patch? Done
  9. Add weights to mode=major in neato. Open problem suggested by EG.
  10. Change copyright and license info (ellson)  Done
    1. Fix License.php and license agreement page Done
    2. Fix license info in Windows (arif) Done
  11. Check that mac .pkg builds, installs and works correctly.
  12. Set up simple Windows package, like a zip file (arif) Done
  13. Make sure ratio works correctly for disconnected graphs (erg)
  14. Add osage to Windows package (arif) Done
  15. Fix text offset problem in html labels (erg) Done
  16. Add scale to twopi (erg) Done
  17. Fix broken ordering attribute (north)
  18. Run regression tests Done
  19. Change SONAME due to ABI changes (ellson)
  20. Fix for build and install of gvedit - requires Qt. (ellson)
  21. centos 4 - make gvmap conditional like sfdp (ellson)
  22. Integrate rendering into gvmap (?) - in 2.29; for now, document and provide script for pipeline (erg) Done

Concerning 1, John suggests disabling pango, e.g., removing it from config6. This indeed fixes the problems, but it also gives up the postscript and svg provided by cairo.


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