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We are using dot from command line to generate graphs on Windows 7. The graphs we are working are precedence graphs and are always directed graphs.
What are files that should be included in the distribution of dot? Dlls, fonts etc. that would allow us to generate plain, png and ps outputs.

Suggestions please.


It very much depends on how

It very much depends on how you build the system. The core part of the software requires the cdt, cgraph, gvc and pathplan libraries. You then needs pieces to lay out the graph and pieces to render it. If you only want the dot layout, then you just need gvplugin_dot_layout library. For plain and basic ps, you need the gvplugin_core library.

For png, you can get by with gvplugin_gd. This then requires libgd, which in turn needs fontconfig, freetype and various other libraries. Your best procedure here is to find a binary package for libgd and install that. Trying to identify all the pieces will drive you crazy. If you want to just copy the libraries  from the Graphviz release, I think libgd is statically bound into gvplugin_gd. From there you can start with the fontconfig and freetype dll's and see what is missing.

For better quality png and ps output, we provide the cairo/pango library. This relies on even more libaries, so we just distribute the binary version of GTK.

Miscellaneous libraries include expat, GTS and ANN, plus libltdl.dll for dynamic loading.

After the plugins, libraries and dot.exe are all installed somewhere, run dot -c to register the available plugins. You will also need either the fonts or etc directory. You basically want to mimic the directory structure of the Graphviz install package, throwing out what you don't need.

I'm sorry I don't have a more precise answer. The above should get you close.

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