Display of Very Large/Wide Graph


I'm dealing with a graphics hierarchy (SceneGraphs), and I want to display it.
I've already figured out how to get the code to automatically generate; displaying is my main issue.

I recently output the graph using size = "400,100"; I ran the program with the following: dot -Tgif graph1.sfdp -o graph1.gif
The reason I used .sfdp is because I heard it could handle thousands even millions of nodes. I believe I've only got around a 1000 edges, and less nodes, but it's just very wide. Using a .dot file gave the same results.

I can see the general shape of the graph and zoom in on individual nodes, but the words are very fuzzy. The graph isn't that tall. 15 levels at the most. However, with some estimation, the graph is around 700+ nodes wide. It actually cuts off before finishing on the right side.

What is the best way to display this so that I can zoom in and read the actual nodes. I may eventually print it out landscape on a plotter, but for now digital will do.

Thanks in advance,
Zach B.

The picture was too large to attach, unfortunately.

Display of Very Large/Wide

Using the .sfdp suffix has no effect on the layout algorithm used. If you want to use sfdp to do the layout, you should either use the sfdp command explicitly:
    sfdp graph.gv
or use the -K flag with dot:
    dot -Ksfdp graph.gv
Sfdp works well with very large graphs but it produces a "symmetric" layout, which may not be helpful. If you want to see a hierarchy, dot is the better layout, but it isn't designed for graphs much larger than yours. There are ways to avoid the graph being too wide, such as using the unflatten filter or the aspect attribute.
If you want to zoom in on the graph, you normally don't want to use a bitmap format such as gif since this doesn't scale well, giving you the fuzziness you are seeing. Try using pdf or svg and a relevant viewer. (For large graphs, these formats will typically produce smaller files than bitmap formats.) You might also want to consider using one of the Graphviz-specific viewers that are listed at http://www.graphviz.org/Resources.php, such as ZGRViewer.

Display of Very Large/Wide

The ZGRViewer was exactly what I was looking for. Enables me to keep graph extremely large but still viewable.
Thanks for your time erg.

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