Determining Bezier splines that are part of a concentrated edge in attributed dot

My attributed dot files are generated with concentrate=true so each Bezier spline is only listed in one edge, even though it might be logically part of many edges.

Is there any way to determine from an attributed dot file which Bezier splines belong to a certain edge?

my only answer would be to

my only answer would be to open the file in XDot.

There you can mouse over an edge and it will turn red.


(I use concentrate=false just so my edges wont merge - though they still sometimes do.)

Sorry, not easily or

Sorry, not easily or reliably. It is not an unreasonable request to have some way to provide this information. In fact, I have need of something similar now related to edge bundling.

Thanks for the responses. I

Thanks for the responses. I was able to solve (for my restricted set of graphs) by matching the first control point of child splines to the last control point of parent spines and applying some heuristics.

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