CSV to Tree

Hi Experts,
I have a CSV file like:

Employee Name, Supervisor Name, bla bla
Foo Bar, Boss, bla
Boss, Big Boss, bla
Lame Guy, Boss, bla

I want to draw an org chart out of the csv file. What is the simplest way to do it? Are there existing tools to convert that csv into dot format?

Thanks a lot!

Perl script for generating an org chart

This image http://savage.net.au/misc/20.names.svg was generated from random data by this program http://savage.net.au/misc/build.org.chart.pl.

You just need to replace the random data with your own, and keep all statements using the variable $graph.


I don't know about a specific

I don't know about a specific tool for CSV files, but a generic tool like awk will do the trick. I do this all the time.

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